Nemiroff & Auslander has an enviable track record of successfully litigated cases. Our experience, knowledge and attention to detail has benefited thousands of injured people. Here are some examples:

Auto Accidents

  • $10.7 million was awarded to a Miami man who was permanently injured when a City of Miami sanitation truck caused another truck to hit his car. The judgment was paid by the city and the truck�s manufacturer.

  • $9.2 million dollars was won for a mother and her pre-school children after their car was struck by a police cruiser. At fault was a private Palm Beach county road contractor who removed a stop sign during routine construction and failed to replace it.

  • A $4.4 million judgment was won against a Florida car rental company by a Bahamian resident traveling to Naples as a passenger in the company's vehicle. The man suffered a head injury when the rental car veered out of control and struck a road obstruction.

  • More than $4 million was won for a nine year-old boy who suffered a spinal injury when he was thrown off his bicycle following a collision with a rental vehicle near Key West.

  • $3 million dollars was secured for a young mother of three who was driving her toddler to preschool when a construction dump truck made an improper left turn in front of her car. Both mother and child suffered multiple fractures and injuries.



  • $7 million was awarded to the family of a three year-old girl who was badly burned over 40 percent of her body when her four year-old brother threw a lit match into her portable playpen, causing the playpen to catch fire. A juvenile furniture manufacturer was found liable for failing to flame retard a product that was marked "flame retardant."

  • $2.5 million was secured for a 23 year-old Palm Beach county laborer who suffered head injuries when a construction site vehicle improperly using public roadways caused an accident.

  • $900,000 was won by the families of two preteens injured as a result of the negligent design and operation of a South Florida recreation area. The children sustained head injuries due to the hazardous nature of the facility.


Wrongful Death

  • A $1.8 million settlement was collected by the parents of a three year-old boy who died in an apartment fire because apartment owners did not have properly operating smoke detectors.

  • A 1.5 million settlement was won for the family of a Fort Lauderdale construction worker employed to build the Florida Atlantic University Library. Faulty shoring caused part of the building to fall on him resulting in his death.


Drunk Drivers

  • A Canadian businessman driving drunk in South Florida was penalized $1.1 million for severely injuring a young supermarket cashier. In addition to the $1 million in insurance the man held, he was ordered to pay $100,000 in out of pocket punitive damages to the client.


Premises Liability

  • A $4.7 million award went to a six year-old boy left a paraplegic while walking to a community pool when he was struck by a passenger van at a gated North Dade residential complex. A claim was brought against the complex and its architects for negligently creating and maintaining an unsafe entrance area that allowed pedestrians and cars to mix.

  • $2.5 million was collected for the parents of a two year-old girl who drowned in a backyard swimming pool while the child's sibling was attending a youth meeting at the home. Owners of the home had removed a child-safe pool fence and failed to re-install it before the meeting.

  • Owners of a Miami Beach resort hotel were ordered to pay $1.7 million to a 25 year-old maintenance worker electrocuted and seriously injured while repairing a poorly grounded electrical circuit. The man required extensive hospitalization.

  • $1.5 million was secured to help pay for medical treatment and rehabilitation of a six year-old boy who was injured at a Miami building supply store. An improperly constructed and unanchored display shelf toppled over on the boy causing him to suffer multiple internal injuries.


Faulty Road Construction

  • Two Tampa, Florida families shared a $3 million award when two of their sons died on an improperly designed and maintained bridge. At fault was the state agency that built the bridge.


Defective Machinery

  • $1.8 million was won for three victims of an elevator accident. Negligent design and installation of the elevator in a Palm Beach County townhouse caused the elevator to fall from the second story.

  • $ 1.6 million was won for a professional painter who was working on the exterior of a North Miami apartment complex when the bucket hoist he was using hit a power line and caused him to be electrocuted and to suffer serious injuries. The bucket lift was deemed defective.

  • $I.5 million in damages was awarded to a Miami teenager asked by her grocery store employer to clean out a sugar cane juice-making machine. The girl suffered severe hand injuries.

  • Nearly $1 million went to a Fort Lauderdale laborer hired by the Boca Raton Hotel and Club to clean its incinerator. A hotel employee carelessly switched on the incinerator while the man was inside, causing burns to his chest and arms.


Medical Malpractice

  • $1.8 million was awarded to a Coconut Grove, Florida elementary school janitor who sought medical treatment from a Miami-Dade County neurologist. The doctor failed to diagnose a spinal infection that led to a permanent walking disability.

  • Approximately $1 million went to the husband of a discount store clerk who died in a North Florida hospital when her general practitioner did not diagnose her bacterial infection. The clerk was improperly treated and did not receive medicine that might have saved her life.


We collect no fees until our clients receive compensation. Our contingency fee agreement is approved by the Florida Supreme Court.

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